Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Short semester is almost over. Next week is already an examination week. Semester 3 is always considered as the most crucial semester as it is very short and hectic in comparison to the other semesters. Therefore, we must always take things seriously as time really flies.

There is not much to say though. We are here for one soul reason. Each and every one of us has our own target for this semester. So, start planning and scheduling your time wisely.
Only you know yourself the best. The one that can help you to strive is definitely yourself, not your parents nor your "special friend". That "special friend" only hinders you from achieving your goal as you will be easily distracted just by simple and minute reasons.
Last but not least, you still have a few more days to revise. The last 100 metres hurdles would be very difficult and challenging to be completed. That is the final way for the devils in you to lure you to failure, make you lazy and tempt you to give up. You know yourself better, right? So, start running and never look back, with your parents' and teachers' prayers, insyaallah you will do your best in your final examination.

Believe in yourself! Good luck & May Allah Bless us Always.....Wassalam.
7/5/09 (5.45 pm)
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