Friday, December 31, 2010

Lets Come and Join Us!

Salam Sakinah, mawaddah wa rahmah to all blogwalkers..

InsyaAllah, after this midbreak, there will be much more interesting programmes that will be held in CFS IIUM. Some of them are:

- 4th January 2011 ~ Mock trial: Jelita (by MELEX)

- 15th - 22nd January 2011 ~ SMAC (by FSCC and all societies in CFS IIUM)

- 22nd January 2011 ~ Adobe Photoshop Workshop (by Bureau of Information and Publication Mahallah Zainab Jahsy) *special for SISTERS ONLY!

- 28-29th January 2011 ~ Mahallah Millennium Games [MEGA] (by MRC)

- 30th January 2011 ~ Family Day Mahallah Zainab Jahsy

Lets come and join us!
Mahallah Zainab Jahsy; we are BIG HAPPY FAMILY~

Thursday, December 30, 2010

evacuation drill

In the name of Allah, the most gracious, the most merciful

Congratulations to the Welfare and Residential Bureau for conducting such a realistic evacuation drill in Mahallah Zainab Jahsy on the 24th of December 2010.
The alarm rang at 4.45 am and all students woke up from their sleep and went to the assembly points, which were the netball court for block B and C and the parking area beside the principal's house for block A.
It was a success as most of the students were alert and went to the respective assembly points quickly.
Then, Madam Asmeza gave her speech and gave some advices to all beloved residents.
At 5.10 am, the students were allowed to return to their rooms and advised to perform qiamullail and wait until Subuh before they continue their rest.

These are some guidelines and emergency evacuation procedures in case of fire:

Emergency Evacuation Procedures in Case of Fire

You discover a fire:

  1. Help people in immediate danger
  2. Warn others by shouting "Fire, Fire, Fire", raise the alarm.
  3. Decide if you can put the fire out. If you are not sure, do not attempt to.
  4. Don't attempt to use a fire extinguisher if you have never been instructed on how to use one.
  5. If you can put out the fire then do so, if not proceed to evacuate the building.

You hear the fire alarm ringing; you must prepare to evacuate the building:

  1. Switch off all computers, printers and electrical appliances.
  2. Close all windows and doors.
  3. Gather your personal belongings in preparation to immediately evacuate the building.
  4. Organise/help other people in the room.

Evacuate the building and proceed to your Building Assembly Area:

  1. Move at a quick walk, do not run.
  2. If you have to move through a closed door that you cannot see through:
    1. Feel the door to see if it is hot;
    2. Look for smoke coming under the door;
    3. Open the door slowly and look around it to see if there is a fire behind it;
    4. If there is no fire on the other side, proceed through and close the door behind you;
  3. Move to the Building Assembly Areaas quick as possible;
  4. Report to your Warden that you/your group is there and if you know of anyone trapped in the building;
  5. Remain in the Assembly Area until you are informed that you may leave or move by either the Building Warden or a member of the emergency services

You notice someone on the verge of panic:

  1. Give them a task or responsibility;
  2. The person will still require constant monitoring;
  3. Do not hit them;
  4. Take hold of one of their hands and guide them out of the building to the Assembly Area;
  5. If they will not cooperate or start to grab hold of things. Leave them where they are;
  6. Evacuate yourself and inform your Warden, the Building Warden, one of the security personnel, or the police or Fire and Rescue Services immediately.

Mobility impaired people

If you encounter a person with some form of physical disability that restricts their mobility. You may be required to assist them from the building. If you are unable to remove them from the building many stairwells have respite areas for mobility impaired persons. They can be left here, where they are shielded from the fire, and a person should wait with them until retrieved by emergency personnel on arrival. It is important to inform the emergency personnel or Building Warden of their location so that they can be retrieved as soon as possible.

If you are trapped in a room:

  1. Exit through a window if you are on the ground floor;
  2. If you are not on the ground floor:
  3. Close the door;
  4. Go to the window;
  5. If there is smoke in the room open the window a little so you can breathe fresh air. If not, do not open the window. This can assist in the spread of fire into your area from lower floors;
  6. Attract people's attention to your plight. This can be achieved by writing on a paper and sticking it to the window or calling out the window. If you open the window remember to close it again as this can be an entry point for fire. Do not open the window up fully;
  7. If the room is filling with smoke, stay close to the ground. The air is cooler and oxygen is more plentiful in this region;
  8. Wait for the Fire and Rescue Service to rescue you.


  1. Fires spread rapidly;
  2. Fires produce thick black smoke that is difficult to see through and causes suffocation;
  3. The freshest air will always be near the floor;
  4. Move quickly. Do not run;
  5. Be decisive;
  6. Make a decision and follow that decision.

salam sakinah, mawaddah wa rahmah,

asyura day 2010


On 9th of December 2010, Bureau of Welfare and Residential had conducted an Asyura Day.
Some of the committees and fellows cooked the bubur Asyura together. It was so delicious and tasty! The bubur was then distributed to all residents of Mahallah Zainab Jahsy. Congrats to Sis humairah and all organizing committees..

so0 sweetlah!

some of the students who are willing to help in the making of bubur asyura

untill then,

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