Tuesday, July 27, 2010

MRC's BOARD 2010/2011

Assalamualaikum and Salam Sakinah Mawaddah Warahmah to all visitors.
Last week,assistants from each bureau had been given a job to design
the MRC's board as others were going to LTC.Actually,Kak Shakina has designed
the background of that board.But,it looks too complicated then,they decided
to make a new design that are not too complicated for them.Okay,
the pictures below was taken during that day.

1st Day.16th June 2010.Today..they only just design and empty the old design at the board.
They started at 9.00 pm til 11.00 pm.

2nd Day.17th June 2010.They just do some improvement to that board because most of them were going out.So,they started their job at 9.30pm and finished at 12am.

3rd Day.18th June 2010.Today is the last day that have been given to them.There are many works to
do.So,they started early at 8.30 am til 5pm in the evening.

Actually..this is how the board looks like.But then,they decided
to change the colour of Zainab Jahsy College word.And,this is the real
look of MRC's board..

..and look!They were so energetic and excited to complete the board.

Atikah Zul,Alhafizah A.Ramos,Anasuha Atiqah and Shamim Nabilah.
Seriously this board was so interesting.When I saw the board,it was so fantastic.Am I right??

A Big Meeting

Assalamualaikum and Salam Sakinah Mawaddah and Warahmah to all blogwalkers.
For your information,all MRC's should attended a meeting between them
after the In-house Training ended.That meeting was conducted by Kak Shakina,
President Of Mahallah Representative Committee(MRC).At that meeting,they
must present the report of activities that have been planned by each bureau.

Pictures below was taken by Anasuha Atiqah during that meeting.

Besides,Kak Shakina also announced the dates that are important to them.Based on their meeting,I bet that Mahallah Zainab Jahsy will be facing and having many types of activities that will be entertaining and interesting throughout the year.So,let's wait together for that activity. Till then,see you at the next entry.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

In House Training 2010/2011!

Assalamualaikum And Salam Sakinah Mawaddah Warahmah to all visitors of Mahallah Zainab Zahsy's blog.Sorry for taking a long time to design new update for you guys..First of all,I want to congratulate for all new mrc's line up 2010/2011.I bet that all of them have their own
qualifications to hold our mahallah's name..After the new mrc's line up announced,the principal of Mahallah Zainab Jahsy,Madam Asmeza Arjan organized an In House Training 2010/2011 that involving all of Hisbah's Committee and MRC's. Our In House Training began with the registration session at 7.00 pm conducted by all mrc.After the registration,all of the hisbah's committee were required to hear a tazkirah till azan Isyak was heard.After the Isyak congregational prayer,all of them were compulsory to attend an ice breaking programme conducted by Madam Marzidah.

Thanks to all MRC for their collaboration and cooperation in helping this In House Training.

The activities were "find the same name,hometown in a group","create a house by closing their eyes with instruction from their teammates","build a name contain meaning using their first alphabert if their name","make a long rope","build a tower" and lastly,"make a great cheers with actions."


Through this activities,a strong ukhuwah and cooperation were built among them.The purpose of all of this activities teached a lot especially working together as a team and also generate a critical thinking to them.Madam Marzidah was successful in handling this ice breaking programme because most of them were enjoyed all of the activities and work hard in giving full commitment to each activity.Refreshment were provided after ice breaking session.

The next day,they were given a breakfast and a big thankful to Madam Rohani as the fellow of Hisbah Rufaydah because of their in charge in catering.After taking their breakfast,they had devided by their own bureaus and a few minutes later,the opening ceremony began that conducted by our principal,Madam Asmeza Arjan.She also gave a talk after the opening ceremony.Around 10 am,all of them were given a short break.The next tentative started with a brief by Madam Wan Samiah.She had exposed to all of the participants about how to make preperation of working paper.Seriously,the content of her talk was very meaningful and can be applied in the future.Thanks again to Madam Samiah for a great tips on how to work a working paper.Next,they were assigned to make working papers to presenting on the next day.The second day was fulfill with Group Works.

As usual,they need to pray together and again,a tazkirah was talked to them.After Isyak prayer,they were required to continue their working paper respectively.And refreshment were also provided after the finalization presentation by each bureau.

And the last day began with breakfast and indoor team bulding.This game had received much attention from others.The purpose of this activity is to strenghten and tighten the ummah between them.After that,there were the much awaited time by each bureau which was presentation of working paper.After heard each bureau suggestions,there were a few hampers for all bureaus as an appreciation to join this programme.An inquiry form was given to all and some of them were giving a compliment to this programme and perhaps that this type of programme will be held again one more time,insyaAllah..

During the prize giving ceremony..

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