Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Salam My fairest princesses of MZJ,

How r things after such a long, languid rest at home? Did you have a lovely time or were you bored to death? When I was young, I could only enjoy the first week of the holiday. The rest of it I would go back to the campus & made myself busy.

Hope all of u are excited and energetic to start the new semester with clear vision and mission to achieve. Therefore, make sure u have a strategy to face this semester and at the same time do not forget to have fun.

All of you are still young & vibrant. Just be sure to choose the right kind of friends as they can lead you to the right path or the wrong one. Just be yourself as you are unique in your own way.

Well, you got your results already, therefore, that could be a starting point for you to measure how much effort you've put last semester. If it was not enough, or you're not satisfied, then you need to revise back on your ways & methods of studying. You have a lot of resourses to achieve it, just open up your mouth and ask for help.

I don't want to nag too much or you'll end up falling asleep reading this. Just want to say I'm glad that all of you are back, kinda miss u all.


Friday, August 28, 2009



Today is already the 7th day of Ramadhan. How time really flies. Hopefully, this year we can perform our ibadah better than before.

Ramadhan is the month that we seek the blessings of our Creator. This is the month for us not to think about ourselves but about the ones who are less fortunate than us. The people who do not have lavish life like us, the ones who eat only once per day & the ones who need dire help.

We are encouraged not only to give help through monetary support, anything can do as long as we are easing the life of these people. It's the thought that really counts.

Let us all together do our part as Muslims to at least pray that those people will have a decent Hari RAYA CELEBRATION this year. As caring MZJ residents, let us all lend our hands and our neighbours' to share what we have today to ensure all of us have the best HARI RAYA ever.

For your information, this year MRC in colloboration with Hisbah Treasurers are collecting donation for "HARI RAYA " whereby the money will be given to our friends in need. So, don't wait any longer.

If you need more information, do not hesitate to ask Sis Munirah Zainab or any Hisbah Treasurer for further assistance. Your small donation could make a vast difference in our friends' life.

Last but not least, have a blessed and barakah ramadhan to all MZJ populace......Amin.

This month we are encouraged not only to donate money, we are encourage to share whatever that we have for the sake of Allah s.w.t.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Warmest Regards to our New Family Members!

Salam to my dearest, fairest Maidens of Zainab Jahsy,

Today we are receiving new members in our community. They come from all sorts of background. Some have never left home, some are very familiar with hostel life. Regardless of that, let us cherish and welcome them warm-heartedly. To the new residents of Mahallah Zainab Jahsy, Ahlan WaSahlan....

We hope all of you will have a pleasant life here. It's not easy to feel at home to a new surrounding especially if you are not familiar with living without your parents. However, life goes on, we grow and have to change and move on with our life.

Our parents have been taking care of us since the first day we live up until now. They are the ones who nurture, feed, protect and teach us the first thing in life. How long has it been, 17 or 18 years.

Don't you think its a high time for you to move on and be independent, letting them relax and do what they have been wanting to do, yet unable to do it because of us? Therefore, let us take the first step by living here independently, sharing and caring among each resident and make Mahallah Zainab Jahsy our own "HOME SWEET HOME", before we can afford to have one of our own so called home (once you are married).
Once again, welcome all my newest fairest Maidens to the Land of The Fairest Maiden...................



Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Short semester is almost over. Next week is already an examination week. Semester 3 is always considered as the most crucial semester as it is very short and hectic in comparison to the other semesters. Therefore, we must always take things seriously as time really flies.

There is not much to say though. We are here for one soul reason. Each and every one of us has our own target for this semester. So, start planning and scheduling your time wisely.
Only you know yourself the best. The one that can help you to strive is definitely yourself, not your parents nor your "special friend". That "special friend" only hinders you from achieving your goal as you will be easily distracted just by simple and minute reasons.
Last but not least, you still have a few more days to revise. The last 100 metres hurdles would be very difficult and challenging to be completed. That is the final way for the devils in you to lure you to failure, make you lazy and tempt you to give up. You know yourself better, right? So, start running and never look back, with your parents' and teachers' prayers, insyaallah you will do your best in your final examination.

Believe in yourself! Good luck & May Allah Bless us Always.....Wassalam.
7/5/09 (5.45 pm)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Valentine???

Salam to all my beloved, fairest, loveliest maidens of Zainab Jahsy,
It has been quite a while since I last posted my entry. Not that I do not want to write but I had been distracted with so many things that really had made me extremely exhausted physically, emotionally and even psychologically. Alhamdulillah, after spending the weekend with my family, LAC team and Language camp participants, I had unwind and really had refreshed myself to face this wicked yet challengging life.
Just by looking at the title, I know all of you might think I will nag at you not to celebrate the day. I won't. I'm not the right person to give you a sermon on that topic. Most of you know why we should not celebrate this day. If you are truly a Muslim, you won't and don't want to celebrate the day.

What I want to discuss here is the true meaning of love. Who am I to stop or control your life. To choose the right "guy" for you. Can I control your heart? Who can control his or her heart? How can you tell your heart to love specific person? We can't, we just can't. It's beyond our control. But we can use our 'akal, iman and taqwa to channel the 'LOVE' to the right way and path.

Whom should we love? Why? How? All these questions should be answered before you all give away your heart to someone. If you are not patient, then you might choose the wrong guy. You must strategize in order to get the best in life. Believe me, I've gone through all that and I've learnt that in a hard way. If you are smart, you wouldn't want to go through that hard way.

At your age now, all of you should love your parents, siblings and your friends more than your 'special friend'. After you got married, you won't be able to spend time, show affection and share thoughts with them as you have shared your life with your spouse. After you are married, you must think for two in everything you do. Marriage life is not as easy as it looks like. Being married meaning you have to sacrifice a lot, in a very wide scope of life. You are not married to the guy only but also his family, relatives, his hobbies, his friends as well as his strengths and weaknesses.

So, while you are still single, fulfill your precious time with the right people. If you do not do that, after you are married, your chance is very slim. If your husband is okay, can accept your family members and your friends as who they are, then you are blessed. What if your husband an over-jealous type of person? He wants you for himself, not to be shared with anybody even by your own dad. How would you react? Please my beloved maidens, do give it a thought. I am not bluffing here. I'm talking based on my own experience watching and sharing my friends' stories who are in vain. You are like this lovely and delicate red rose. Very fragile and exquisite. Once being plucked and touched, the rose will slowly fade away and loose its shine. Do not let yourself be damaged by the wrong guy at the wrong time. Save it for your husband. A husband for this life and the hereafter. Your fate is destined already, your MR RIGHT is waiting for the right time to meet you. Never question what Allah s.w.t has planned for you. Insyaallah, you will be blessed. REMEMBER YOUR MOTHER & FATHER who have raised you from the first day you were borned until present. How long have you known your parents in comparison to the guy that you barely knew? Wallahualam, a good woman is for a good man. Let's hope we are among the few good ones. Wassallam & take care ma cherie...

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Salam to all my fair maidens,

We've almost arrived to our destination this semester. A semester that has put, given us a lot of knowledge both good and bad, bittersweet experience, unforgettable memories and so on. We have one more month to strive before the grand arrival of final exams.
What can we do to prepare ourself? Study five to six hours per night? Stay up til the wee hour to revise? Struggle all out without thinking of our own biological capability?

All human are given intellectuality or "akal" to think. Being in tertiary education requires us to think outside the box. We do not want to know whether the students are bright or not. Definitely you all are, if not you wont be accepted in any university. We want to measure whether your EQ is as good as your IQ.

Some students are genius in their IQ but their EQ is very poor. What is EQ? Being a college student, search for its meaning my dearest maidens.

In Mahallah Zainab Jahsy, we want to produce bright students with high level of EQ. A person that can be proud of by both our parents and University. There is no point of getting a four flat but are not able to interact appropriately to the right person in the right way. There is no point of scoring your quizzes if you neglect your responsibility or letting down your team members. You must know your priority. Prioritize your work, insyaalalah, things will be much easier for you.

Ask yourself, have you fulfilled your responsibility as a Muslim, a daughter, a student, a student leader, a committee member of any club or society? Being a true Muslim, you should know failure to do so can be considered as committing a big sin, right?

It's not too late to improve things up. Never say no & never say cannot. There is no such word as 'if' in Muslim dictionary. When you start to have that, meaning you are questioning the Qadar & Qada' of Allah s.w.t. Wallahuallam. Wslm.......

Saturday, January 10, 2009

January 10,2009.

We've already passed 10 days of this new year. How time really flies. Yesterday quite a number of us went to the demonstration infront of AMF. Thank to our Almighty Allah s.w.t that our life is not as difficult as our brothers and sisters in Palestine. Yet, that doesn't mean we can simply proceed with our life as if nothing has happened.

Although we're thousands miles apart, we can still fight in the name of Allah, we can still jihad fisabilillah with our two bare hands.

Prayer or du'a is the most unique weapon that can only be used by Muslims. This is the one and only weapon that has the strongest impact and effect on us as His servant.

What I want to stress here is that no matter how bad the situation is, or how big our problem is, there is always a solution. A solution that we always tend to overlook. We got panic, search for a shoulder to cry on, hoping that someone will lend hand to help, searching for that someone? Our best friend, 'special friend', counsellor, lecturer, our parents who always able to solve our problems, our own sibling....but we've forgotten one thing! To seek help and mercy from our own Creator, Allah s.w.t

He is the One that we should seek comfort from, the One who will never turn His back on us anytime, anywhere.... provided we do the same to Him. Never forget that He is our soul reason to live.

If we can do that, insyaallah our life will be blessed here in this world and also the hereafter.

Let's pray for our brothers and sisters of Islam in Palestine, Afghanistan, south Thailand or even in Malaysia as we have needy people in our own community, CFS....

Gud nite & wasallam.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Movie showing

Salam my fairest Maidens of Zainab Jahsy!

As all of you are so tensed and stressed with the exam week, we want to help you to unwind by having a video showing this saturday nite.

There will be some food-selling as well like popcorn, soft drinks, kerepek and also cupcakes.
Do come down at Zainab Badminton court after isya' ya.
We will start with "Malaysian Senamrobik", come down and wear your sports shoes ya!
After we get rid of the negative aura in our body, then we can enjoy watching movie.
The movie showing is free of charge.
Spread the good news around ok.
Yes u have to study but remember your body also needs to relax......

Monday, January 5, 2009

::Mahallah Zainab Jahsyi::

The Land of Fair Maidens

Thursday, January 1, 2009

welcome my fair maidens to our new blog

Salam to all my beloved MZJ fair maidens.
Happy new year 2009 and maal hijrah 1430.
As the new year appears, this blog is meant to improve our way of communication to each other.
Remember our motto To know, To love and To care for each other. Hope this blog could be the medium to achieve that.
Thanx to the committee members especially to our fellow mdm Ayu to make it happen. Hope to hear from u all soon.

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