Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Salam My fairest princesses of MZJ,

How r things after such a long, languid rest at home? Did you have a lovely time or were you bored to death? When I was young, I could only enjoy the first week of the holiday. The rest of it I would go back to the campus & made myself busy.

Hope all of u are excited and energetic to start the new semester with clear vision and mission to achieve. Therefore, make sure u have a strategy to face this semester and at the same time do not forget to have fun.

All of you are still young & vibrant. Just be sure to choose the right kind of friends as they can lead you to the right path or the wrong one. Just be yourself as you are unique in your own way.

Well, you got your results already, therefore, that could be a starting point for you to measure how much effort you've put last semester. If it was not enough, or you're not satisfied, then you need to revise back on your ways & methods of studying. You have a lot of resourses to achieve it, just open up your mouth and ask for help.

I don't want to nag too much or you'll end up falling asleep reading this. Just want to say I'm glad that all of you are back, kinda miss u all.


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