Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ahlan Wa Sahlan

A big and huge welcome to the addition of new princessess. Why princessess? Because, MZJ is the land of the fairest maidens. So each and everyone of you is the princess ! :)

As mentioned in the poster, *if you have not seen it, it is everywhere at the groundfloor notice boards*, and a friendly reminder to you, the life here is absolutely NOT THE SAME as the ones in your previous school, regardless of what type of schools you come from (MRSM, SBP, SBPI, SMKA, DQ and etc.) Therefore, open your ears and eyes, try to learn and adapt to the new environment of being an adult *yup!, you are no longer sweet sixteen dear:P *

Hope there wont be any culture shock and homesickness, just be yourself and remember of what your parents have taught you of being a good person and Muslimah. Perform your daily prayers, your mom won't be here to wake you for subuh prayer. REMEMBER, if you commit any wrong doings, you are tarnishing your parent's name. HOW AND WHY? Because, people would blame your parents for not raising you appropriately. Like the malay saying, "Kemana Tumpahnya Kuah Kalau Tak Ke Nasi". If you behave and know how to bring yourself in the society, your parents' names will be mentioned again, in a very positive manner.

Have you ever wondered why we are called the land of fairest maidens? I do believe that you are at least a bit curious, right?. Literally, in bahasa, the fairest maidens means ' anak-anak dara yang sungguh manis/sunti/suci/ayu/ anggun/ berbudi bahasa/ beriman dll'. Therefore, you are expected to adapt and adopt to the environment of this MAHALLAH to be accepted by the community. This is because everyone here knows everybody and because of that, the ukhuwwah of us is very strong and long lasting, insya Allah, A~Miin.
Hurmph, i think, that's all for now. Hopefully I would be very eager again to write and i hope to get your response. Any inquiries do not hesitate to ask. I welcome any feedbacks, be it personal, academic, or anything. Just ask :)

Hugs and Kisses,
Ummi Zainab :D

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