Sunday, October 30, 2011

The sudden plot twist

The irony in hopes and plans, is that reality punches you in the face when it's not align with our expectations. Sure, we've understood and acknowledged the possibility of a plot twist, but to actually experience the hardcore truth of something that is not abiding the laws- OUR made up laws, the ones where we go "it should've been like this..", "it shouldn't have been like that..", it's a tough reality to accept.

Because the things is, we've been abiding the laws our whole life, we've followed the rules, we went through the flow. Wake up, go to school, eat, pray, toilet, sleep. Rinse & repeat. And to have something messing up the flow, even though it should've been flawless, there's a sense of betrayal burning inside.

But then again, there must be a reason for all of this, and there might be some good outcomes as a result of all this mess. If you haven't figured it out yet, I'm talking about the recent announcement about the re-sitting of Maths I final exams, and as one of the students who took the exams with full honesty and determination, it's something to be frustrated about. I mean, the aftermath of this re-sitting effects the 1 year students the most. Two subject during a short sem is already a challenge, and having to prepare for a third subject is adding another burden to the already slanting shoulders. It's not like everyone got the 'bocor'ed questions, plus it's Algebra, even if you get the exact identical questions, if you don't know how to answer it, you're still going to flunk, it's one of those subjects where you can't exactly cheat. The point is, nobody wants to re-sit the paper.

But what's done is done right? The ones holding power has already stated their decision, and there's nothing we can say that could miraculously change their minds, and I doubt a petition can save the day (but there's a chance for hope). So rather than moping around, grieving about the matter, let's shift places, and try looking at the whole situation in a whole different paradigm.

It's probably one of those chances that doesn't come by quite often (also, not an option either), and let's play a little game of "what ifs" shall we? So we all know our current GPA (-4 credit hours) and as much as our curiosity is running with a number of possibilities of having a higher GPA, it also means that it could've been lower. What if our final marks+carry marks did not exceed our expectations. What if it's the reason our GPA could've lowered a grade. What if we actually failed in it? Then this could mean an opportunity to fix it. With the time given to study, we can actually make this work.

But that's the real problem right? The time to study. Those taking short sem might have the privilage of having a 'studying environment' but those on holiday til next year, then it's a challenge to actually get up from bed before noon, sleep before midnight, and get off the computer before the battery runs out...twice and we resort to plug-in. Liking a facebook status or reblogging a tumblr post. Everything is too tempting compared to studying. I bet most of you have already forgotten how to write on paper, since it has been weeks typing on keyboard.

But that's not stopping us. No, we're going to show the world how capable we are at Algebra, even if it does mean we have to do it the second time. (They probably looked away the first time)

So you see guys, it’s not always a matter of perspective. But it is always a matter of OUR perspective. Carpe diem and seize the day they say. The question is, are you going to seize whatever they say you should be seizing, or should we all spice it up a bit and navigate our way through life with our own custom set of google-goggles? Either way, there’s a lesson to be picked up at every corner. But it depends on what you’re willing to learn.

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