Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The quiet, lonely & underrated short sem

It's one thing that you're wondering what's happening in CFS IIUM, and it's another thing that you're not, but ignore the latter and let's assume that you do.

If there's any word to describe CFS IIUM right now, then it would definitely be 'deserted' because it really is...deserted. There's no hustle and bustle of people going to class at 7.55 A.M (and a more vigorous crowd at 8.05 A.M), there's no long forever not moving queue at any cafe, there are no competition for the ampaian, the toilets & showers are never full and you can fetch your overnight outing card with much ease( that is, if you even make an effort to the Mahallah Office)

But for sure, the loneliness wouldn't last long, just another month til the next semester starts and we will be welcoming our friends from Nilai and there will be a lot of changes. For instance, Mahallah Aisyah will turn into a girls' Mahallah, and guess what, Cafe A has already been operating there since 19th of November. The old location of Cafe A is renovating right now, rumored for the Nilai lecturers. I'm not sure about Ali Bistro, but let's pray they stay.

Time sure flies, doesn't it? It's almost the end of the year, all the best for students who are taking their exams this week, and to those who are still enjoying their holiday, hopefully you guys didn't forget how to write already. And if you did, you should start practicing it now (or at least play with the calculator a bit)
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