Saturday, January 10, 2009

January 10,2009.

We've already passed 10 days of this new year. How time really flies. Yesterday quite a number of us went to the demonstration infront of AMF. Thank to our Almighty Allah s.w.t that our life is not as difficult as our brothers and sisters in Palestine. Yet, that doesn't mean we can simply proceed with our life as if nothing has happened.

Although we're thousands miles apart, we can still fight in the name of Allah, we can still jihad fisabilillah with our two bare hands.

Prayer or du'a is the most unique weapon that can only be used by Muslims. This is the one and only weapon that has the strongest impact and effect on us as His servant.

What I want to stress here is that no matter how bad the situation is, or how big our problem is, there is always a solution. A solution that we always tend to overlook. We got panic, search for a shoulder to cry on, hoping that someone will lend hand to help, searching for that someone? Our best friend, 'special friend', counsellor, lecturer, our parents who always able to solve our problems, our own sibling....but we've forgotten one thing! To seek help and mercy from our own Creator, Allah s.w.t

He is the One that we should seek comfort from, the One who will never turn His back on us anytime, anywhere.... provided we do the same to Him. Never forget that He is our soul reason to live.

If we can do that, insyaallah our life will be blessed here in this world and also the hereafter.

Let's pray for our brothers and sisters of Islam in Palestine, Afghanistan, south Thailand or even in Malaysia as we have needy people in our own community, CFS....

Gud nite & wasallam.

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