Thursday, January 1, 2009

welcome my fair maidens to our new blog

Salam to all my beloved MZJ fair maidens.
Happy new year 2009 and maal hijrah 1430.
As the new year appears, this blog is meant to improve our way of communication to each other.
Remember our motto To know, To love and To care for each other. Hope this blog could be the medium to achieve that.
Thanx to the committee members especially to our fellow mdm Ayu to make it happen. Hope to hear from u all soon.


  1. hye madam...assalamualaikum..
    well,this is the fes tyme i'm look around your blog..
    may b a month after u mention it in my class..
    hehe..dont hve enogh tyme..soooory...

    who r me?
    let me introduce myself as ayin..

    wat u just said is true..
    instead we follow all the pogram,
    we stil have certain responsible that we must do and fulfill it..

    anyway..keep writing..
    i will waiting...

  2. tq ayin for your feedback. insyallah as long as can contribute my thought i will keep on writing. this is my way to jihad i guess? am i rite? dunno. daa...


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