Sunday, January 25, 2009


Salam to all my fair maidens,

We've almost arrived to our destination this semester. A semester that has put, given us a lot of knowledge both good and bad, bittersweet experience, unforgettable memories and so on. We have one more month to strive before the grand arrival of final exams.
What can we do to prepare ourself? Study five to six hours per night? Stay up til the wee hour to revise? Struggle all out without thinking of our own biological capability?

All human are given intellectuality or "akal" to think. Being in tertiary education requires us to think outside the box. We do not want to know whether the students are bright or not. Definitely you all are, if not you wont be accepted in any university. We want to measure whether your EQ is as good as your IQ.

Some students are genius in their IQ but their EQ is very poor. What is EQ? Being a college student, search for its meaning my dearest maidens.

In Mahallah Zainab Jahsy, we want to produce bright students with high level of EQ. A person that can be proud of by both our parents and University. There is no point of getting a four flat but are not able to interact appropriately to the right person in the right way. There is no point of scoring your quizzes if you neglect your responsibility or letting down your team members. You must know your priority. Prioritize your work, insyaalalah, things will be much easier for you.

Ask yourself, have you fulfilled your responsibility as a Muslim, a daughter, a student, a student leader, a committee member of any club or society? Being a true Muslim, you should know failure to do so can be considered as committing a big sin, right?

It's not too late to improve things up. Never say no & never say cannot. There is no such word as 'if' in Muslim dictionary. When you start to have that, meaning you are questioning the Qadar & Qada' of Allah s.w.t. Wallahuallam. Wslm.......

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