Tuesday, July 27, 2010

MRC's BOARD 2010/2011

Assalamualaikum and Salam Sakinah Mawaddah Warahmah to all visitors.
Last week,assistants from each bureau had been given a job to design
the MRC's board as others were going to LTC.Actually,Kak Shakina has designed
the background of that board.But,it looks too complicated then,they decided
to make a new design that are not too complicated for them.Okay,
the pictures below was taken during that day.

1st Day.16th June 2010.Today..they only just design and empty the old design at the board.
They started at 9.00 pm til 11.00 pm.

2nd Day.17th June 2010.They just do some improvement to that board because most of them were going out.So,they started their job at 9.30pm and finished at 12am.

3rd Day.18th June 2010.Today is the last day that have been given to them.There are many works to
do.So,they started early at 8.30 am til 5pm in the evening.

Actually..this is how the board looks like.But then,they decided
to change the colour of Zainab Jahsy College word.And,this is the real
look of MRC's board..

..and look!They were so energetic and excited to complete the board.

Atikah Zul,Alhafizah A.Ramos,Anasuha Atiqah and Shamim Nabilah.
Seriously this board was so interesting.When I saw the board,it was so fantastic.Am I right??

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