Friday, December 31, 2010

Lets Come and Join Us!

Salam Sakinah, mawaddah wa rahmah to all blogwalkers..

InsyaAllah, after this midbreak, there will be much more interesting programmes that will be held in CFS IIUM. Some of them are:

- 4th January 2011 ~ Mock trial: Jelita (by MELEX)

- 15th - 22nd January 2011 ~ SMAC (by FSCC and all societies in CFS IIUM)

- 22nd January 2011 ~ Adobe Photoshop Workshop (by Bureau of Information and Publication Mahallah Zainab Jahsy) *special for SISTERS ONLY!

- 28-29th January 2011 ~ Mahallah Millennium Games [MEGA] (by MRC)

- 30th January 2011 ~ Family Day Mahallah Zainab Jahsy

Lets come and join us!
Mahallah Zainab Jahsy; we are BIG HAPPY FAMILY~

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