Friday, August 5, 2011


In this special Ramadan, MRC had planned a few program in order to enlighten this month. One of the program that will be done is a charity visit to old folk's home. So here, MRC NILAI really appreciate if there anybody who want to donate some of their belongings such as money, clothes and others which will be contributed to those less fortunate old folks.

A few members of MRC NILAI had visited them ( first visit ) last week to make a floor plan, making a few preparation and meet with it's founder, Puan Muji. She was a nurse at Hospital Serdang before this. She said that many of the old folks that staying in this charity home were taken from the hospital.

RUMAH JAGAAN & RAWATAN ORANG TUA AL IKHLAS here some information and pic..let's google together ! :)

Insya Allah later, we will share the further information and story after been there, on this 21st August and will be participated by all MRC's committee.. Those who would like to give some donation, you may to do so by referring to us ( MRC NILAI ). Thank you.



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