Thursday, June 30, 2011

In-House Training.

Salam Ukhwah 'Alaikum !

Rumours had come with the wind.
Wind that blows around the college that goes under your skin,
& gives the soothing feeling that you never had feel before.
Rumours about the legendary .. .. In-House Training.
Hahaha now it sounds quite nauseating isnt it?

Ok. Stop.
Straight to the point,
As affirmation,
the official voices of ZC would like to announce that,
InsyaAllah, on this very Friday, 1st of July, The In-House Training will be held.

Each of the RMC, The 9Hisbahs' Line-Up are obligated to join this programme.
(excluding the asst. for bureaus)

skriiiichhhh! Ok .. my bad, it is not RMC, (which apparently stands for Royal Military College) -.-
Rectified, it is MRC, my dear. The new board of MRC, which stands for Mahallah Representative Committee.
I bet all of you must have known the term already. In case you dont, so now you knew, right? (:

the training will start with the Maghrib congregational prayer performed by the participants in Ground Floor's Musolla. Which then will be followed with the ice-breaking session. Yadaa Yadaa lets again, prepare for our Ta'aruf speech ppl.

Allright, on the next day, Saturday,
the approximated 90 participants are supposed to be divided into each bureau & start their brainstorming session in planning the programmes and events that are going to be held for all of you ZC's residents, our dainty jewels of ZC throughout the year. Or aka Almanac. which in the more familiar term is pertinently, Taqwim.

The daylong session is going to take its place in the AX101. (it is going to be superchilling in there, so, to the particular people, dont forget to bring along ur sweater if possible >_<)

As an addition, the fellows are going to participate as well, as the facilitators for the programme.
Plus, on that Saturday, Allahwills, Our RMDD Deputy Dean, Madam Rose Haliza Harun is going to pay her visit for us. That sounds quite inviting, isn't it? (:

Food is provided. Included in the Rm3 that we should pay on that particular Friday.
Food forthe whole 1 and a half day for only RM3. Whoa, crystal clear it could make us more frugal, alhamdulillah. And on the other flip, save our pockets' contents. Ka-ching $$

Attire? Equals to the dress code... Period.

So above all, may Allah bless us all for our good intention in holding this programme in order to create the better living for you, our ZC's beloved fairest maidens, insyaAllah.

(Maher Zain's song is playing itself as background) :DD

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  1. cant we join too?-first year students..hehe


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