Sunday, July 3, 2011

In-house Training status: completed

Alhamdulillah, in-house training went very smoothly, and wrapped up last night with abundant memories, work done and a....Barney song?

Curious? Let's start from the beginning.

All the MRC's and Hisbah line-ups assembled at Musolla Ground Floor 7PM sharp. At that moment everyone was still unfamiliar with each other, so there were quite a number of people sitting alone, quiet. The ones talking are people who already know each other, so there's still that sense of awkwardness in the air, but hey, the training barely started, wait till the end of it, then you'll see the huge difference from Day 1.

After Maghrib conjugational prayers, Madame gave a tazkirah, entitled 'Courtesy in Communicating'. She pressed on the importance of good communication skills in a leader, how a leader should act and how a good leader reacts to problems. It was overall inspiring and informative. One of the most significant things she said that night, and I quote,

"The higher your position is, the more humble you should be"

After Isya', we all were randomly distributed to 10 random groups. We were given a piece of A4 paper which was written on it, 2 random topics. The game was to tear the paper into one long strip- and talk anything random pertaining the two random topics given. Sounds random doesn't it? Well because of the randomness, it was definitely loads of fun (at least for me it was)

Then, we were divided into our respective bureaus, and were given a mahjong paper to create a logo for MZJ, and we had to present our logo next morning. Some stayed till midnight to finish it, some continued next morning, but however long it took for the bureaus to complete the logo, all the logos are well created, well designed and well presented. Kudos to everyone.

We were told that the best logo would be picked and used as the official logo of MZJ, but our principal, Mdm Asmieza announced that she and the other fellows has decided to not pick any logo, but combine all the logos instead. She justified her decision saying that everyone would contribute to the logo instead of only one bureau having the credit.

8A.M the next day, we all went to AX101 a.k.a Annex highland, the coldest land within IIUM grounds. After Mdm Asmieza's speech, and each Bureau's logo presentation, we had a workshop on preparing paper works or proposal before making a draft on all the programs for the almanac according to each Bureau.

We had lunch, Nasi Ayam (very delicious I must add), Zuhur and then, continued making the paper works. We dismissed in the evening, and assembled at the Musolla Ground Floor at 7PM. Tazkirah after Maghrib was given by our vice president, Sis Melati binti Tumiran entitled Tawaddhu', she explained the meaning of Tawaddhu', and shared a lot of stories pertaining the subject.

"Senang je nak tahu kita Tawaddhu' ke tak. Kalau kita rasa kita Tawaddhu', maknannya kita tak Tawaddhu' la tu."

Even though the tazkirah title was different from the previous night's title, both stayed on the same parallel line leading to the same road. I conclude, that we shouldn't be enslaved with power, we should always realize our that the post it an amanah, and never misuse or abandon it easy heartedly. Responsibility is heavy, and must be carefully done.

That night, there was a proposal presentation from all bureaus, we were enlightened by all the interesting activities that, insyaALLAH will be held throughout the year. If I tell the programs now, then it wouldn't be a surprise would it? Word of advice, prepare to be excited!

Before the closing speech by Mdm Asmieza, our President, Sis Amanina as well as our Head of Welfare and Residential Affair Bureau, Sis Syamim were a bit... cheerful last night. They asked if we want to sing a song together, and turned out the song was the one and only...Barney song!

"I love you, you love me, we are happy family......"

Barney song, the song we all know the lyrics by heart.

It ended with a barney song (and Tasbih Kafarah and Surah al-Asr), but the memories and knowledge gained by the training will always perpetuate in our heart, not to mention the friendship ties that existed because of this program would remain insyaAllah till the end our lives.

This is me, Naelah Nordin, reported an unforgettable two night one days program, Mahallah Zainab Jahsyi In-House Training 2011, signing off.

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