Wednesday, July 27, 2011

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Albert Einstein - Mentally Retarded?

assalamualaikum, hello peeps!

Yes. Yes. It's examination week. At last guys, the 'moment' we've all been waiting for. Up till today, there are students who have finished their exam and they are celebrating the end of the 'war' even for a short while. Others? Still struggling their best and burn all the midnight oil that they can find.

For first year students, this might be our first examination after SPM. It's been awhile, isn't it? The pressure, tonnes of reading and counting to be done is pretty much the same. All the facts to be stuffed inside our heads. It might be too much too handle. The last minute nervous breakdown. Somehow seems familiar.

There were students who complaint about how complex the questions were. Some of them did actually said that most of the answers have to be figured out themselves. The questions have been twisted in a way so tricky you might twist your head. Oh you know... the questions that required analytical and critical thinking. Yeah. Yeah. This is no more high school you know. No more just memorising and pasting the facts on the answer sheet.
It's time to polish your think tank.

specially for this exam week, we dedicated this story to you. <3
Einstein- Mentally Retarded?

When Albert Einstein was interviewed on the source of his creative genius, he replied, " It's because I'm mentally retarded". Then, he explained that he actually had the mind of a child but the brain of a scientist. Like a child, he often asked probing questions which adult regarded as silly like: "What happen if I ride on a light beam?". Incidently, it was this question that led to his discovery of his famous"Theory of Relativity".

Therefore ladies, do not be afraid of having a mind of a child because that's the door of unlimited creativity!

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