Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Stop blaming the walls

It all started more or less a month ago. Each Hisbah trying to allocate time for a get-to-know session, but of course, that's the main problem: stealing someone's precious time when they have other commitments is a risky action. (I heard a Hisbah even went to an extent that they did not allow their members to take their outing card because they don't want them to go home since their event is held on a weekend)

Hisbah Taaruf night (or should I refer to their names? Bonjour night? Wonder Night? Cak-cak something..I can't even remember) is an important period of time, if you try to think about it. You live in a Mahallah with an approximately 1500 population, but you don't know each and one of them- of course, that's something extreme to ask for, but at least know your Hisbah members, your closest neighbors , the people you bump in to when you're rushing to the toilet, or the people who picks up your soap when it slips down your hand(that is, if you're using bar soap, and the floor's slippery enough for it to slide out of your cubicle) but the main point is, all of you are devided by walls, and it's time to stop blaming it.

Each Hisbah Lines-up prepared special games, astonishing presentations, and unique activities on this night, and no matter what their creative minds worked on, I'm pretty sure that it achieved their purpose.

Taking my Hisbah Taaruf night as an example (Guardians of Angels & Wonder Night), we had a very interesting aerobic session, conducted by our Sports & Recreation Bureau, and we had a really good time. Even our fellow, Mdm Syifa joined in the fun during the chicken dance (you guys should've been there) and I find it very fascinating that we're not only bonding between Juniors and Seniors, one course with another, but also between Hisbah members and their fellow.

Tight schedule, abundant tutorials/homeworks/quizzes and the upcoming exams, it's energy-drenching don't you agree? At the end of the day, being greeted with a friendly smile from a familiar face kind of shifts a bad day into a not-so-bad essence of life. It's amazing how familiarity soothes you in a way you can't exactly comprehend.

For those who has gone through a situation I just described, then you'll nod in agreement with the joy of bonding silaturrahim, but for those who don't, you can't possibly understand.

My advice, start knowing your neighbours, and stop blaming the walls.

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