Monday, October 21, 2013


In the name of Allah the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful and all praised to Allah, Lord of The Universe and prayer upon His final Prophet for showing us the guidance in performing our duty as Your caliph on the Earth.
            As a way to enhance the Islamic spiritual and ibadah quality  among the residents of Mahallah  Zainab  Jahsy,  MRC  had organized Solehah Generation Programme. This program  held for 3 days starting from 24th September until 26th September 2013.
As a muslim, we obliged to performe five times a day. However,the quality of the solah is still below far,some of them takes the issue of ‘khusyuk’ in prayer for granted eventhough they  know  that solah will lead them to be a great muslim whether in atittude or achievement. So, when the quality of prayer of the muslim becomes worst, it will lead a negative impact to their life and country as well. If it is not being corrected here, the bad attitude of muslim will never change. Related to the problem, Mahallah Representative Committee of Mahallah  Zainab  Jahsy organised a Solehah Generation Programme to help the residents of Mahallah Zainab Jahsy to have a better quality of prayer by using an attractive approaching such as spreading flyers, adding posters of zikr around Mahallah Zainab Jahsy, sermon corner about meaning of surah Al-Fatihah to encourage students to memorise and apply the beautiful meaning of this Surah in their life.As the closing of this campaign,a talk on ‘Empowering Solah’ by Ustazah Adibah Rozain who is free lance speaker that won 1st Place in Da’ie Millenia Programme in TV3 are conducted.
Hence, this program is important to be  the solution to create a happy and conducive living environment in Mahallah Zainab Jahsy. This is in line with mahallah’s motto Sakinah, Mawardah, Warahmah which means to love, to care and to be blessed. We hope that the campaign will be effective and able to contribute in creating a healthy environment in Mahallah Zainab Jahsy.

 Pamplet Solehah Generation Campaign(S-gen)


Daie Adibah deliver her talk entitle "Empowering Solah"

Fair Maiden of MZJ that attended the talk 
You can also read blog of Daie Adibah for gain knowledge that she deliver on that night

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