Friday, January 17, 2014

Maulidur Rasul 1435/2014

Maulidur rasul celebration was held on 14 January/12 Rabiul awal on Tuesday in Mahallah Zainab Zahsy. 
This program was organised by MRC members. 
This program was not joined only by the residents of Mahallah Zainab Zahsy but also from other mahallahs. 
The objectives of this program we to foster the sense of affection towards Rasullullah, to remind us about Rasullullah and to establish ukhwah among the residents of Mahallah Zainab Zahsy.


-Islam prioritizes health in our life as what Rasullulah has taught us. 
-Preventing from sleeping after subuh, we can enjoy the physical activities in the morning.

Time: 8.30 a.m
Venue: ZC Square

2)Video Digest
-Making conclusion for every video watched.
-Taking the lessons for each video.
-Learning about sunnah in our daily life, realizing some routines we did are actually was taught by Rasullulah as Ibadah.

Time: 2.30p.m
Venue: Musolla Ground Floor ZC
Speaker: Sis Afira

-Joining lecture about Islam and how to improve ourselves according to sunnah.
-Knowing some tips to be a good muslim as a leader of ummah.
-Doing beneficial activities only and prioritizing the important things first.

Time: 9.00 pm
Venue: Lecture Hall A
Speaker: Ustazah Isfadiah
Title: Life is awesome because of you, Ya Rasullah !

"And We have not send you but as a mercy to the worlds"


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