Thursday, June 3, 2010

2nd Day of POst Taaruf MZJ

Continue with the DAY TWO.
It was raining cats and dogs. The committee had to postpone the registration after maghrib at 745pm instead of the normal time on 645pm. Students were required to have their congregational maghrib prayer on their own. Quite a number of people were questioning why we did not perform Isya' congregational prayer but try to understand that things happen. We can plan but the end result, only Allah s.w.t. can decide. Hence, in future, try to be as suportive as you can because you never know what will happen if you were to conduct an event.

After finishing the registration, students were given talk on "Hygiene" by Madam Shahidah Said. One of the most memorable part is when she taught the students on how to wash hands properly and every student had to raise her hands and follow the steps shown by Madam Shahidah. I was quite surprise! What were these girls doing? Actually, I didn't really pay attention before, that's why I was a little bit lost! Right after that I made sure I listen attentively. It is imperative for the students to know how to wash their hands properly due to second wave of extremely dangerous H1N1. Remember friends what had happened last year during the first attack of H1N1 here??? Other important aspects she mentioned were mostly on women personal/intimate care. Being a young woman, we should take extra care and be cautious on this matter. How lucky we are to be given such talk that is considered taboo in certain families. Madam Shahidah, thank you for your motherly words of wisdom...

Done with the talk, Madam Sharifah Nafisa (or famous by the name of Madam Shifa) took over the mic and lead the Mahallah Gotong Royong. The students were divided into their respective Hisbah with the committee holding "sepanduk" that could be seen so that they knew where they belong to. They were further divided into smaller groups and being assigned to certain venues like, Study Rooms, Musollas, Gym and Mini Library. The rest were given a task to beautify their hisbah's softboards.

Throughout the Gotong Royong, I saw the first year students interact and at the same time ta'aruf with the second year students to ask their permissions to decorate the sofboard. And among the first year students themselves, they ta'aruf with each other, share stories and laughters while pasting the sofboards. Haven't you notice that your number of friends are increasing? The more the merrier!

For those who cleaning up the Study Room and Musolla, they had pretty much done a great job when they brought down all the unused and left books to the MRC Room. I know the study rooms were a bit dusty, but they managed to clean it.
Same goes to the musollas, a bit unorganised, but again, it was now more presentable. Before this, it was not that bad, you could still pray in the musolla, but the students did a good job getting rid all of the unused things. For the MRC Room, hehe, i gues now it is the MRC's turn to clean their room ;)

Gotong Royong ended pretty early as all the students have given full cooperations. Nice Job everybody !

Lastly, Congratulations to all for surviving the DAY TWO of becoming the Fairest Maidens of Mahallah Zainab Jahsy :>)

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