Monday, June 28, 2010


Salam my dearest princesses! Well, I've been waiting for Kak Shak to help me with the write-up. What to do, all of us were very busy for the past 3 weeks. So many things had happened. Anyway, I still want to finish reporting what we had done on day 3 of your post-taaruf . We started day 3 with the academic talk.

Well if you still remember what I mentioned during the academic talk, I did ask you guys to be be able to adapt and adopt to your new surroundings.
You must remember that studying here is not as same as studying in your secondary school. You must be proactive in whatever you do. Do not wait for instruction, you must be able to think what you need to do before you are asked to. Do listen attentively, to instructions of lecturers, announcements being made as well as good advice from your seniors. InsyaAllah, you will be okay!
We have given you some guidelines on now to survive here. Hopefully, you will grab the chance given to the fullest and ensure your ticket to succeed in your life. The seniors/facilitators are here if you needed some advice, just open your mouth and ask nicely. If you start anything with a simple word "PLEASE", nobody could say no as that simple word have a very strong impact on people.
Anyway, I just want to say that now, after surviving the 3 days of taaruf, gotong royong beutifying your hisbah & Mahallah, singing Mahallah song and sharing your supper together, I am proudly announcing that the newcomers of batch 2010/2011 are officially members of Mahallah Zainab Jahsy. We love you all!!!!

P/s: Do gv some feedback,I wish this blog to be our medium to talk heart to heart.


  1. jom join

  2. assalamualaikum madam asmieza
    un-sangka-rable i came across to this blog
    and i feel....wahhh......
    keep writing!


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