Wednesday, June 2, 2010


It has been hectic this past one week. With non-stop ta'aruf programme, I bet everyone is very tired and exhausted. But KUDOS/CONGRATS to each and every one of you, who is still strong to continue the journey of this Post-Ta'aruf Programme organized by Mahallah Zainab Jahsy. I see a lot of tears of joy (or ?...)in this programme.
It started with DAY ONE.
Clueless faces of all first year students. I know you guys can't predict what will happen, is it going to be awesome, or vice versa. Registration at 645pm followed by congregational Maghrib & Isya' prayer, along with Ya~Siin recitation and tazkirah on "Ukhuwwah" by Ustazah Marzidah Hashim. I remembered Madam said "bukan sahaja salam 1 Malaysia, tetapi, 1 Mahallah". Yes, that's the right word to show the ukhuwwah among you guys. Just look at the pictures, mostly smiling faces even though you do not really know one another that much.

At 9pm, team building started, lead by Madam Suzila Alias. Students were divided into TEN GROUPS, contain of FIFTY STUDENTS from ALL PROGRAMMES. Hehe, sounds hard right? But every team managed to find their team members! Congrats! Then, the task was given. They had to list things in 30 minutes, any kind of things, they saw at Mahallah Zainab. That's not it, they had to present it to everyone using their creativity on how to present it, let it be sajak, dikir, pantun, drama, boria etc etc.

30 minutes passed. Group Visionera started first. They did cheers first, tailed by dikir barat. Then followed by Group ZLG and so on. Every group was given SEVEN MINUTES to present. After 70 minutes had passed, NOW, the moment they had been waiting for, THE RESULT MOMENT. Madam Marzidah and Madam Suzila were the judges for this event. Honestly, they said, it was quite hard to give marks and to choose who's going to be the winner as all the groups were showing their very best. Alas, every competition has traditions, to win or to lose. Finally the decisions were made.
First place went to Group 7, with enthusiastic coral speaking. Second place was Group Visionera with dikir barat, and third place went to Group 10.
One big thumb up to our dedicated fellows, Mdm Suzila, Ustazah Marzidah, Ustazah Ilyani & Madam Kamaril Azlah for their willingness to spend their precious time, leaving their families behind to be with us tonite. We love you Madams :-)
Congratulations to all. You have passed the first test of becoming The Fairest Maidens of MahallahZainabJahsy:<)
- Shak2010-

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