Friday, January 27, 2012

2012! :))

New semester. New classmates. New subjects. New lecturers and perhaps.. a new life.

Assalamualaikum! Hello hello. :) Yup, it's the new semester peeps. Perhaps everyone can already feel the stressfulness of this new semester.

The start of all the assignments, reading and counting. The start of countless hours of classes and group discussions. Tutorials and quizzes. You name it. Pfffttt. Same old. Same old.

I bet some of us have already felt like losing their soul due to the countless hours spent on the job of 'studying'. Well, I guess some of us just need the 'extra boost' to keep moving forward. To keep themselves strong against the 'hurricane'.

Supportive friends can be very helpful you know. :) If you think that your mind is strained and can no longer absorb the facts, if you think that your mind can no longer digest the numbers and confusing formulae, I suggest it will be best to turn to your friends. Do some group discussion. Find some peaceful spots for studying.

If that is not yet enough, well, why not give your family a call? Your mom, dad, brothers or sisters. Perhaps just listening to their voices might give you a peace in mind. Tell them stories of you life. Make them know what you are dealing with. Who would us better if it's not them, right?

And of course, the most important thing to do, say prayers to Allah. To our Creator. He is the one who knows us best. Tell HIM your problems. Never ask Him to make your life easier, but ask Him to make your heart TOUGHER. Your emaan STRONGER. Ask HIM to guide you to the right path of his blessings. Knowing the fact that He is the only one that could help and guide you every second of your life is very vital. It somehow completes our fitra as humans. Our fitra of needing to be close to Allah. :')

Lastly, we here at Mahallah Zainab Al-Jahsy will always pray for your success in life and in the hereafter. Every step of Jihaad will be rewarded Insyaallah.

May Allah guide you in every step of your way. :)

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