Thursday, January 12, 2012

Carpe diem: Seize the day

Objects in the rear view mirror may appear closer than they are. Sort of an apt saying to kick off the new year. Looking back, we had one hectic year in 2011 didn’t we? While the past was touted more as the year of the “leaks” , 2011 was more a tale of change, and those awkward moments when most of us would go “Hooray!” at first, “Ermmm” in the middle and unfortunately “Uh-oh…” towards the end.

Have a better perception, my friends!

Resitting for Maths I
, 9Am on a Saturday morning, no biggie, it's too early in the semester to have anything better to do on a weekend . Cafe A changing locations, although this does sound devastating, on the bright side, they're actually coming closer to us. That's a bonus. Look at it this way, we're celebrating our new- or probably old- friends from Nilai by giving them the best cafe around. Was your previous GPA spirit up-lifting or a motivation downer? Either way, the subjects this semester will be tougher, so we have to work harder.

Your unique potential cannot be unleashed fully while you are focused primarily on rehearsing, remembering, and repeating your past. This makes you "past-oriented". Stop the habit of memorizing your personal history. It makes you narrow in your focus of what you see in life, and perceive about yourself, and negatively impacts your true worth and value. Cast your vision like a net on your greatest potential: towards your future destiny.

Change the way you think and you will drastically change your outcomes!

The future always looked so promising back in 2011. But when we finally get there in the present, we end up checking our receipt to see if we’re actually paying for what we ordered before.

So let’s try to approach 2012 a bit more cautiously, I say. Carpe diem all you want, but don't hang on for too long.

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