Thursday, January 19, 2012

So, how was it?

The month started with a fizzle, and ended with a bang (well, almost there).

Maths I results are out, was it? Good? Bad? Weird? Either way, it's done, so let's stop talking about it and move on to the current subjects this semester.

Events, one after another. AMF is fully booked. With last week's Discovery Week and next week's IT Nest, I'm pretty sure everyone's having fun with all the blood donating, gold jewelry cleaning, robot launching, that one giant shark floating in mid air, software installing/ troubleshooting, and all those talks during the night. Well if that was the case, gear up, because next week is going to be a blast. Typewriting competition, gaming competition, digital shop, photobooth and stuff, you just HAVE to go.

All that put aside, what's left? Holidays. The moment we've all been waiting for. The moment when we always imagine ourselves doing homework and revising books, but that imagination is never parallel to reality. On second thought, let's be positive, what if we ACTUALLY study this time around? What if we would ACTUALLY be productive and have some work done. What if. Come on, give yourself some benefit of doubt, you deserve it.

To making an effort in realizing the imagination of studying on a holiday, all the best. Be good, be well, and don't waste such valuable free time.

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