Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Choose Your Path.

World, is temporary. But, the Hereafter, is eternal.

Most of the people, most of the girls, including me, and .. including you, do know and are acknowledged of the fact that this world is only a temporary site, that was provided for the human beings to reside in, in order to be tested, whether ;

a. You belong to the eternal, indescribably beautiful Jannatul Firdaus. Together with your soleh husband, parents and family, and primarily eventually meet the Prophet Muhammad p.b.u.H.


b. You belong to the burning, suffering, tormenting and torturing Nar, or namely, Hell for a very long period. Until all of your myriad sins are wholly vanished. Na'uzubillah.

Life's too short to wait until your-so-called-right-moment to repent. Because nobody knows when will they die. It could be tomorrow. It could be an hour to go. It could be right after you finished reading this blog.

Do contemplate. Do choose.

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